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Your Employees Mental Health Matters

An enhanced focus on employees’ mental health and wellbeing has been one of the positive developments within the workplace over the past decade. Covid-19 has provoked unprecedented levels of anxiety and taking care of your mental health has never been more important.

Signs To Notice!

You may notice some of the following:

  • Increased anxiety;
  • Feeling stressed;
  • Finding yourself excessively checking for symptoms, in yourself, or others;
  • Becoming irritable more easily;
  • Feeling insecure or unsettled;
  • Fearing that normal aches and pains might be the virus;
  • Having trouble sleeping;
  • Feeling helpless or a lack of control;
  • Having irrational thoughts (;

Do Not Ignore It!
It Is Ok To Seek For Help!

Many employers have incorporated mental-health supports, regularly engaging with psychology and counselling services, or making them available via their employee health insurance plan. A lot of socially responsible employers have programmes such as access to mental-health counselling so that employees can receive support for challenges they may have in their personal or professional lives. This strategy is a win-win for the company, ensuring its workforce is productive and engaged.

We offer online and phone mental health supports and services and we will provide face-to-face appointments where necessary in a very near future.

Be One Of The Socially Responsible Employers! How? It’s Simple:

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