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Sensory Space offers Group sessions that focus on a particular theme such as: Social Skills, Communication, Visual/Fine/Gross Motor Skills. As well, we supporting you through Bereavement, Separation & Transitional.




Our Group Programmes offer the participants peer support and the chance to work through real-life scenarios in a safe and supportive environment. Therapeutic Groups can improve social skills, self-confidence, and improve critical thinking.
Observing the Group dynamics gives our Therapists further insights into difficulties or challenges which the child may be facing.

Groups are run by two or more Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, and/or Intervention Specialists

Groups available include:

  • Social communications groups;
  • Mindfulness and relaxation;
  • School readiness;
  • Transition to secondary school;
  • Emotional self-management;
  • Executive functioning skills development;
  • Handwriting;
  • Study skills;
  • Play skills (for children who have difficulty playing);
  • Creative Art group;
  • Summer and school holiday camps;
  • LEGO groups.

At the moment we are running following groups:


For teenagers 10-14 years to managing anxiety
On Fridays at 6 pm
Term 1: 6 weeks

FUNLAND Social Club

For children 5-7 years
On Wednesday               at 4 pm


Toddler – Parent music therapy sessions for 2 – 3 year olds

RANGERS Social Club

For children 8-9 years
On Wednesdays           at 5.15 pm


For children 10-12 years
On Thursdays                 at 5 pm

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