It is okay to be single on Valentine’s Day

Societal expectations would make people believe that they must have a date, be attached on Valentine’s Day.  Many people who are single feel pressured into finding a date due to external opinions put on them! However it is healthier being single than being isolated with the wrong person.  Being single should be normalised, a free choice that people should feel that they are able to make and be happy with because they are being true to themselves.  Here are some ways that a single person can enjoy themselves on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Make a date with yourself – Have a pamper day with yourself.  Whether that looks like a day in, a DIY spa day with yourself, cooking yourself your favourite meal and enjoying your favourite series or films or a shopping day out.  It could be a massage or a visit to the hairdresser too. Buy yourself some flowers and your favourite chocolates.
  1. Limit or stay off social media – This can be upsetting for people who are single and are conscious of it in the form of self-judgement, so staying off social media is a healthy way of avoiding people’s statuses and updates about what they are doing as couples on Valentines!
  1. Spend time with your family and friends and experience the laughter, joy, and fun with them.
  1. Participate in an exercise class to get your feel-good endorphins going! This will boost your mood for the day.
  1. Do something nice in terms of charity, help out the homeless or the elderly, these people who are in need and reap the rewards from doing an act of goodwill.
  1. Treat Valentines as just another day, because that is all it is in the end.  Show yourself some compassion and love.
  1. Have a sleepover with your single friends and enjoy each other’s company!
  1. Treat the day as a rest day and catch up on much needed rest!

Ciarán Coyle


Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Sensory Space

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