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Toddler – Parent music therapy sessions for 2 – 3 year olds

What will we do during the sessions?

During our music therapy sessions we will engage with music in many different ways in addition to visiting the sensory room at the end of each music therapy session!

Here are a few of the ways we will do so:

  • by singing our favourite songs;
  • by playing various instruments;
  • by engaging in sensory – based activities;
  • by playing musical games;
  • by listening to music and many more…

Did you know that music can support child’s development from the moment they are born?

There are many reasons why using music can be beneficial. Research has shown that music therapy can encourage speech and language development, support the sensory system, encourage peer interaction, and help motor skills development to name a few. In addition, studies have also shown that music therapy can assist with child-parent bond!

Most importantly, music therapy can offer everyone a chance to express themselves in a non – verbal way as the music requires no words!

No music – based knowledge or experience is needed to attend music therapy

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