Super Wonder Social Club

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Who is the club for? For children 10-12 years
When? On Thursdays at 5 pm

Social competence in a fun and supportive environment.

During SUPER WONDER group, children get the chance to further develop their social competence in a fun and supportive environment through play – based activities and structured discussions.

The group goals are to:

  • Develop self-awareness in group settings;
  • Increase social confidence;
  • Develop the ability to recognize expected and unexpected behaviours in others and themselves;
  • Develop understanding of how each person’s actions can impact on others and their feelings;
  • Develop an awareness of feelings – happy, sad, angry, and anxious and how our body responds to these feelings.

Each week follows a similar routine whilst also including some different activities such as:

  • Greetings;
  • Play-based activities;
  • Team building activities.;
  • Group – based activities and discussions;
  • Group activity based on an age – appropriate theme or scenario.

The needs of every child are important to us

To ensure that we meet each child’s needs in a person-centered way we are very happy to collaborate with parents. If you’d like us to celebrate a specific achievement or to support a child in developing a specific skill, please do get in touch and we can accommodate that.

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