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What is Art Therapy?

When kids are experiencing emotional difficulties, they may find learning very hard and their relationship and inclusion in school life is affected. Using Art therapy as a form of intervention can assist an individual’s psychological, emotional, educational, social, and physical development. Art Therapists can help identify new strategies for managing feelings, thoughts, and behaviour at home and at school. These strategies can build resilience in the child – encouraging and supporting them, their parents, and teachers – through the process of making positive change.

Why Art Therapy?

Art Therapy can be a fun and developmental way for children to understand themselves and their world. Drawing can be a way for children to communicate difficult feelings and situations when they don’t have the vocabulary to do so. Most children already have the ability to express themselves through art materials and enjoy art, therefore coming to Art Therapy can be holistically beneficial.

Art Therapy works concurrently with the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Art Therapy can also help identify the causes of learning difficulties that may be affecting classroom performance and impacting on development. A working relationship with parents or carers is established alongside the therapy work with child clients.

How Art Therapy Works?

Communicating through creativity can break down old unhelpful stories we tell ourselves and build up:

  • Self-esteem;
  • Coping skills;
  • Confidence;
  • Self acceptance;
  • Self awareness;
  • Critical Thinking;

How many sessions will a child need?

That depends on the needs of each child. Generally the first 6* weeks are spent getting to know the child and forming an assessment of her needs. After that time the relationship begins to form in a solid way and work can begin. Every child is different and will approach the therapy room in different ways and at different speeds. Therapy can vary from 12 weeks to over a year. The longer the commitment to the process, the longer-lasting the change will be.

(*Individual Art Therapist Sessions: Minimum Contract – 6 sessions).

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