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What is Drama Therapy?

Drama therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses creative means to promote well-being, positive change, and personal growth.

It provides a space to tell your story, express yourself and look at different issues.

It can be offered individually or in groups and can help people of all ages and needs.

The Aims of Drama therapy

The aims of Drama therapy are always individual to each client and group. Some general aims that are widely applicable are:

  • Building confidence and self-esteem;
  • Facilitate self-expression;
  • Explore difficult feelings or issues in a supported, non-judgmental environment;
  • Improving social skills;
  • Explore body awareness & personal space;
  • Managing challenging behaviour;
  • Promoting independence and empowerment;

Some elements of Drama therapy

  • Play:

Play is an important part of human development. A therapeutic engagement with play can bring many positive outcomes.

  • Role-play:

This is when you act the part of a certain character in a certain situation. For example, by acting as a protagonist from an imaginary story, you can explore positive changes the character wishes to make and then apply these changes in real life.

drama therapy role play sensoryspace.ie
  • Voice:

Voice work we can help find your voice and therefore build a more confident self, able to express thoughts and feelings.

  • Movement:

We can connect back to our physical self through simple movements and find new ways of expressing ourselves non-verbally.

Drama Therapy Sessions

Individual sessions typically last around 60 minutes. A group session can last between 60 to 120 minutes. Sessions are usually weekly and run from roughly 10 weeks to over a year, depending on the aims of the therapy and the client’s needs.

No prior drama knowledge is required to attend drama therapy.

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