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Psychology Services

Sensory Space Psychology services operate as a stand-alone service. We also offer 1:1 sessions and Family Support. Psychology sessions take place in comfortable, informal surroundings that make both children and adults feel at ease.

Psychology services offered by Sensory Space include:

Parent Consultations

Parent consultations with Psychologists to discuss and investigate any concerns you may have about your child, without your child present, and provide recommendations.

Parent and Child Consultations

Psychologists will meet you and your child, provide an informal assessment (either play-based for younger children or a child interview for older) and subsequently discuss concerns and provide recommendations.

Individualised Psychological Therapeutic Interventions

For children who are presenting with a wide range of behavioral, social and emotional difficulties.

Another Psychology services:

Counselling (from 12 – adult)

In counselling, clients are helped to overcome current issues which might be preventing them from enjoying life fully or engaging with it in a meaningful way. Counselling also helps individuals to explore the feelings and emotions that are often related to their experiences. This allows clients to reflect on what is happening to them and consider alternative ways of engaging with life.

Counselling can help clients find better ways of self-expression and more beneficial coping strategies. The counselling relationship is a safe and supportive space for learning how to navigate times of turbulence and change. At Sensory Space, Counselling is a deeply personal & private experience.

Addiction Counselling

There are several types of addiction:

  • Substance Addiction – relating to alcohol and drugs;
  • Process Addiction – relating to gambling, shopping, exercise;
  • Eating Disorders – relating to food;

At Sensory Space we offer counselling for two forms of addiction – Substance Addiction and Process Addiction

When attending addiction counselling, a client will come to understand what the root of their addiction is and the thought process that drives the cycle of their addiction. Clients can gain greater self-awareness and understanding of what their triggers are and how best to work with them.

At Sensory Space we understand that families and friends of Addiction sufferers can be profoundly affected too. Living with or loving a person suffering from an addiction can be emotionally and psychologically draining. We offer counselling to individuals engaging in an addiction-related activity and also to their loved ones – helping them to understand and come to terms with what is happening not only to the addiction sufferer but to themselves also.

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