Celebrating Women on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is on Wednesday, March 8th this year.  It is a global celebration acknowledging women across the world for how they contribute, grow and innovate in society in a multi-faceted paradigm.  It is a movement where women empower other women and strive towards equality in every facet of life.  It is also about how men can contribute and support women to achieve their goals. Combatting discrimination and bias is a core goal here.  Its inception was back in the US in 1909 and since then it has grown year by year, becoming much more powerful and well known throughout the globe.  

Women’s right to vote, the gender pay gap and an inclusive world for women has been campaigned for over the years.  The colours of purple and green are worn by women, purple signifying justice and green symbolising hope.  In different countries, International Women’s Day is celebrated differently.  From women getting a day off work to receiving Mimosa, to receiving flowers and other gifts from family members and loved ones.  The theme for the 2023 march is “Innovation and technology for gender equality”.  It is about creating a platform to help forge positive change for women all around the world.  It is to highlight high profile cases where women have been treated unjustly. 

It is about recognising basic human rights for women, showing women compassion, and challenging the biased narratives in society.  It may be a one-day celebration yearly but it is about planting the seeds everyday in young men, women, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters about having a voice and speaking up for what they believe in to create a safer world for our young girls to grow up in. It is about Women becoming and being given the fair chance to be world leaders, innovators, and leaders in society.  It is about saying we support our women and champions them in their journey.  We challenge sexism, misogyny, and discrimination.  

Women can change the world when given the chance, make it a better place, sow the seeds of hope, love, compassion, empathy, and joy.  Support women as mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties in their journey for a more balanced world and a society devoid of unnecessary discrimination.  It is about empowering women to say I can and I will, I am good enough to climb those mountains that society said were not possible.  Nothing is ever impossible, but the steps need to be put in place to support women towards their goals.  Love women, be their biggest supporters, instill hope that they can, and it creates a nurturing environment like a flower blooming in spring, an environment that allows the space to give them wings for flight and unlimited growth.

Happy International Women’s Day! Cherish, support and value women on March 8th 2023. 

Sensory Space Team

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